Is Dylan Miller and his Tube Money Masterclass a Scam?

Is Dylan Miller and his Tube Money Masterclass a Scam?
dylan miller tube money masterclass

Is Dylan Miller an actual online guru valued educator or is he a scam artist? Let’s Dig In!

Dylan Miller is an influencer and mentor to millions of people, but is Dylan Miller Legit or is he a scam? 

Everyone by now has heard the stories of people becoming rich, wealthy and very successful online working from home. But are they true? And how about digital course creators, and YouTube wizards? Are they legit? 

Are people like Dylan Miller for real, or are they a scam?

Dylan Miller says he can show you how you can make money online and work from home, and how there is a huge opportunity to make money online and work for yourself.  We’ve heard that before right?

Dylan’s “Tube Money Masterclass” is a course that teaches the ins and outs of YouTube “Automation” and creating a “cash cow” YouTube channel, and how to start a profitable channel on YouTube without making the videos yourself.

I’m a video evangelist for pretty much everything, from clients to affiliates, so I really wanted to see if he lived up to the hype. He makes claims about being able to make a living with YouTube videos.

The first thing that hit me was that this was a guy who actually was making money with doing what he is teaching. I was able to find double digits of sites he built that are what are known as “cash cow” sites. They give fun or cool information but don’t require you to be the on-camera personality. They had millions of views and based on my YouTube math, he is making real money with these.

He promises to teach you how to build an actual business with YouTube.

Ok, Ok, everyone says that. So is it real?

Well, I’m a big believer in having multiple sources of income so I actually bought the course.

Immediately, I could tell three things about the Tube Money Masterclass. First Dylan Miller was a legit earner on YouTube. He actually did care about his members with the sheer amount of information he was giving for the small(ish) investment, and that this was a true community.

On the community front claim, I’ve bought too many courses to admit to and been in more private Facebook groups than I care to count, and this one was a legit community.

First Dylan does an incredible job of helping with mindset, as many of us looking at courses have tried, and tried, and tried other ways of making money. So did he. He really helps set you up with overcoming a lack of support and even haters.

Then he gets into making money with YouTube. He covers setup, production, and monetizing your channel properly. I was impressed with the detail and virtual hand-holding he gives.

I’ve been doing videos a long time for YouTube for clients and understand how YouTube ranks and does what they do. If you follow his teaching to the letter, there is no reason you could not be making 4-5 figures a month with a channel in a realistic time frame.

I’d go into detail about what the actual process is and how everything works, but he actually has a free training on what the Tube Money Masterclass is about. The video talks about the program but also gives you some great insight if you’ve been struggling to make money online (we’ve all been there, right?!)

Watch Dylan’s Video Here

Watch the video that Dylan actually hosts and walks you through exactly what the program is and what the foundation of YouTube cash cow videos are.

Verdict: Dylan Miller and the Tube Money Masterclass are not only legit, I bought the course using my own money and am going to implement his teachings to build another revenue stream for myself!







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