━  Erik Cocks

A Nerd Who Knows How To Tell Stories

Technical skills in SEO, Video, Web and PPC are nothing if you can’t bring them together to create an interesting story that’s going to drive sales and results.


Providing clarity and coaching remotely takes a special talent that I've honed over years managing teams and being managed around the globe.


Data-driven decision making along with being able to distill complex information into actionable, plain English creates a path to growth.


Curiosity with Innovation, combined with top-level energy creates ground-breaking campaigns.

Project Management

Intrinsically empower campaign builds to be delivered on-time and on budget.


Great stories aren't just reserved for great campaigns. TheC-level suite, clients, and investors need to understand how success is being delivered.


Crafting effective strategies and campaigns isn't a cookie-cutting approach. It takes talent, skill and a thought process of wonder mixed with visualizing the future.


A repeatable process of success is an excellent foundation to keep clients or investors delighted.

Sales Synergy

Fostering a collaborative agile culture that sits on the same side of the table as sales and understands that marketing & advertising is just art if it doesn't produce results.


I bring the foundations of business growth to be able to uncover the real needs and desires of a business.

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