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Erik Cocks

SEO Expert Online Marketer
My name is Erik Cocks. I’ve been working online since the earliest “Wild West” days of the Internet.

People often ask me if SEO is dead or one of the many new programs has rendered it useless. The answer is always a happy "Nope!". However, the rules have changed and the entire game is different. It's not magic, but it does involve a bit of slight of hand in many cases to squeeze all the value out of Google we can!

My Vision

I want to help others take some control over their careers and lives and decrease the constant stress of just getting by. (I've been there and it's no fun).

My Story

I woke up during the dawn of the internet 


I started my marketing career in the early 90’s at huge ad agencies, capitalizing on the AOL craze with online marketing and putting brands online.

I then went to work directly for big brands, including giant retailers, sports betting, healthcare, universities, and travel destinations. I’ve managed these online programs for large companies, launched hundreds of products and campaigns for the big guys and have made billions for businesses and their affiliates that drove them business.

Developing and managing online programs for big brands taught me about finding opportunities, understanding how to build successful campaigns, avoiding pitfalls, finding the most cost-efficient ways to do stuff, and setting up systems to scale, track and optimize success in the online world.

Now, I focus on my own online marketing as well as helping others earn money online. I have more time for me, my family, my online seo endeavors and traveling.

Hit the Road

In January of 2022, I moved into a small trailer, pulled by my van (that I had built out to use as an office and mobile production studio). I started a full-time journey traveling around the United States and seeing what there is to see while working wherever I stop.

I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but being on the road full time truly is an adventure, and as long as we have an Internet connection where we are staying (or there is a coffee shop nearby), we’re in business.

My two kids are both in college so It was an opportunity to rent the house out and get on the road.

As my travels progress, I’ll update everyone on the journey in the Blog.

It’s So Easy

You just push a button and money comes rolling in while I sit on the beach – said nobody.

Look, we’ve all been tempted by the promises of working on a beach for 5 minutes a day. That dream is what it is, just a dream.  When you wake up from that dream, you actually have to work, LOL!

However, it is sure a lot better than working in an office or warehouse or call center.

I tell people I only work half days! – I just get to pick the 12 hours I want to work!

Dressing up for work involves showering, shaving, and putting on shorts and a t-shirt. If I’m going out to dinner and want to be all vain, I’ll put on nicer clothes and one of my nice watches, but that’s it.  I still work about 12 hours a day because I have two kids in college, and they need cash too.

But, during my time in corporate America, I learned to put automated systems in place so I didn’t forget things and didn’t have to do the boring stuff over and over. I do that today as well so I just have to worry about helping others reach their goals.

Stick Around

I’d love it if you could come back every once in a while and check out my blog. I share cool things I find about how to make money online and great online and affiliate opportunities that could give you some breathing room in your financial life or finally ramp up your business to where you want.