Why 2023 is the year of SEO and why it matters to you

Why 2023 is the year of SEO and why it matters to you

To endure the economic conditions in 2024, powerful brands plan to capitalize on opportunities now and prepare for future growth.

With marketing budgets under more scrutiny, and bid costs going up in most markets, savvy organizations are turning to SEO for sustained growth. It is possible to contribute to an entire organization if organic search is incorporated into its digital strategy. As a result, marketers who adopt this approach will maximize the return on marketing and technology expenditures down the road.

This article explains why SEO is so popular, what has changed in 2022, and what to capitalize on in 2023 to get set up for 2024.

In a recent study by Gartner, CEOs are doubling down on digital investments as they maximize marketing ROI. However, Google recently reported that ad spending is down.

According to a recent survey of fortune 1000 marketers, over 90% plan to increase their SEO efforts in 2023.

Why? Because marketers are looking into that election year crystal ball knowing that costs will go up and ad inventory down as the battle royale occurs.

The importance of SEO in 2023 for organizations

As marketing budgets inevitably tighten, the demand for cost-effective and dependable channels continues to increase — drawing much-deserved SEO attention from company leaders. Particularly in times of volatility, SEO insights provide them with a comprehensive view of consumer trends. Organizational and departmental heads recognize that this valuable knowledge can assist them in making smarter decisions today.

In spite of marketplace volatility, search remains a vital channel for connecting businesses with their target audiences after two decades of sustained growth.

In enterprise organizations, some key benefits of SEO include:

In spite of market conditions, SEO is a high-yield channel with good ROI

Long-term SEO incremental value can benefit organizations and actually bolster the entire brand.

It is only SEO that can provide real-time insights into market demand and customer intent

Insights from SEO drive sales, product, digital, and media initiatives across organizations

Due to SEO presence on the SERPs, organizations benefit from brand equity.

As a result of SEO and PPC working together (no really, together), the customer experience is more controlled.

Businesses are increasingly relying on SEO to create a connection with their customers. Organizations can get ahead of their prospects’ needs by understanding what they are looking for, why it matters to them, and how optimized content can best meet those needs when they are most needed.

The SEO line is also being blurred by social media and SEO is no longer relegated to the “publish and pray” content strategy of the past.

Google is focusing heavily on the (human) consumer and their experience. Some of the updates and algorithmic changes will give marketers a heads-up on where to focus in 2024.

Don’t even get me started about AI. While AI might be the current boogyman for the media, it has already shown its worth in the SEO world, the genie is out of the bottle, and there’s no putting it back.

Prepare for 2024 SEO by learning from 2023 SEO

This year has been an eventful year for organic search, with a number of significant updates impacting SEO and marketing teams.

Google has identified a few key areas where SEO, content, technical, and online marketers need to change – adapt and become agile – and prioritize their efforts in 2024.

Google is embracing AI, and while the learning curve is steep, brands must keep up with how Google is already implementing AI in search and already battling AI spam, just like keyword stuffing of 20 years ago.

Several updates have been made to the Page Experience Update and Core Web Vitals (mobile and desktop) in order to ensure that users receive results that load quickly and render within a certain timeframe.

Focus for 2024 SEO

In 2024, all organizations must ensure their websites provide an optimal user experience as well as implementing the latest whiz-bang into UI.

This entails examining the page loading speed, browser response time, and content stability during loading, as well as embracing AI to help customers find exact answers to questions over and above a “knowledge base”.

In 2024, SEO will play an even bigger role in creating topical authority in ranking, but also driving how search patterns will influence the user experience as they land on pages. With the acceleration of AI, this could literally be the holy grail of presenting a customized site based on where and how a consumer arrived and whether they were in-marketing or just tire-kicking.

By combining data-driven insights, content, and technical expertise in 2024, you will be able to create powerful user experiences. From page speed to navigation, Google places high importance on optimizing results and ensuring accurate, reliable information. Use data-science techniques in conjunction with best (white-hat) SEO practices.

The marketing team can plan for success in any economic climate by focusing on website functionality and providing engaging, relevant content.

A refreshed set of instructions and updates based on the annual performance of product reviews was released by Google as part of the Product Algorithm Update to help users make informed decisions. It was designed to empower users with access to accurate information that will enable them to make informed product purchasing choices.

2024 SEO Goals

Make it your goal in 2024 to help consumers find what they need quickly and easily by providing them with a world-class experience. Empower people who search with an effortless journey directly from search results to their shopping cart – making the process of searching easier than ever!

Provide well-founded advice and demonstrate why you are the go-to expert on your product if you are selling it.

Ensure the authenticity of any product recommendations with reliable data.

Google announced that it would allow users to search with images and text. Powered by Google Lens, people are able to use mobile cameras or photos to search for relevant images and text to find relevant results. Connecting words and visuals to offer consumers a multitude of possibilities. It also creates new opportunities to illustrate your brand in a different light.

I was recently on a test call where a Pixel phone was pointed at a sink and faucet and tagged with the question, “how do I fix this?”, then was presented with GMB map packs of localized plumbers. That is scary or neat, depending on how the C-suite feels about their customers and technology.

Expect wild advances in Google’s AI development and MUM in 2024

Provide accurate answers to users by balancing your content and finding the right image-to-text ratio

In 2024, expect mobile optimization of images to become the norm

Recently, Google rolled out its Helpful Content Update to ensure users receive the most useful search results.

By 2024, content creators and website owners must develop materials that target humans rather than robots or spiders want to absorb.

For instance, when collecting customer reviews on online products, be sure to ask for specific details so reviewers can demonstrate intimate knowledge of the product, like with easy to capture videos or even video testimonials that will be automatically transcribed and recognized by the search engines.

Blog posts covering events or news should offer readers unique perspectives that can’t be found elsewhere on Google

The algorithms of today are much more sophisticated, and they are able to identify content that doesn’t satisfy the reader – in many cases, automated content.

Many SEO practitioners are swimming in content production using inexpensive AI, however, they forgot that Google exists and can already detect spun or weak AI content.

Content marketers and SEO need to work together more closely.

A key highlight of Google’s Search On event was the introduction of visual search results that provide an interactive and engaging experience with graphic cards of imagery directly integrated into every search result.

Moreover, users can expect to find more tailored multi-search options and an auto-complete feature for their searches.

As part of this effort, the search giant is improving the quality of results and expanding into new formats and media to deliver useful information.

• Take into account how these updates may affect your SEO strategies in the future.

• Maintain a balance between keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.

• Focus on quality over quantity when creating content.

• Use AI for insights and optimization, not article creation.

In conclusion

Organizations looking to explore new opportunities and build a lasting business are increasingly dependent on SEO teams. Cost-effective techniques not only save funds, but also add value across departments.

Focus on the following in 2024

Utilizing SEO insights as a source of business intelligence for the entire organization

Use technical SEO best practices to ensure websites provide consumers with the experience they expect and automate research and site fixes wherever possible

Focus on visual search in 2024 and expect its importance to rise

Embrace AI, but don’t let HR talk you into firing the copywriters or keyword research folks.

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks using AI and automation

Do not over-optimize your content, balance it with Google’s E-A-T and Helpful content guidelines

Find synergies between SEO and PPC to adapt to market and Google changes.

In times of change, become a consultant and business advisor for organizations within your organization.

In 2024, SEO is no longer seen as a standalone task. Instead, it is an integral part of your overall marketing plan, enhancing and bolstering other strategies.

Slacking on optimization in terms of user experience, technical issue resolution, and speed can result in you being left behind competitors who are continuing their efforts without pause.

As organizations begin to utilize SEO in multiple ways, the days of set-and-forget SEO are over.

Next year, organizations and SEO will be the main constants in the economy!


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