TIKTOK Voice Talent

The Following Are real people integrated with AI.  

This means we can type in whatever we want and they say it instantly.  

It's all covered under a subscription I have. 

I put these on a web page so it would be easier to replay and see what you liked.

Remember, there will be music in the background and videos boing on as well.

The best process is to listen to all of them. Do it again, writing down the ones you like. Smoke a cigar or have a drink. Come back and listen to the ones you wrote down. Pick your final.

The Script:

This is what the voice actors each will be reading:

Why in the world would my boss ask me to do this?

This looks like a case of driving with your eyes closed!

If you’ve been hurt in an accident we can get you your cash now!










Directions: Pick one you like!
Text or email me your selection.
I will use that one to start building videos!

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