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Erik Cocks

Online Marketer – Author – & Full Time Traveler

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I take a multi-channel approach to marketing and am pretty agnostic when it comes to what channels to use based on goals and metrics. However, video can be pretty fun to crush goals and beat up competition, as it requires a little more work to do perfectly. Watch the video to learn just one of the secrets of using video in online ads and SEO.

It's All About the System.

There are no push-button shortcuts to Online Marketing, but there are ways to follow a simple "playbook" to win the online visibility game!







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Video Marketing ROI

https://youtu.be/nUAXWRsOE2A How To Double Your Marketing Return on Investment With Video!     Video marketing is crushing it as a powerful advertising tool. The

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About Erik Cocks

My passion for, and success with online marketing allow me to travel the U.S. full-time.

I started my marketing career in the early 90's at huge ad agencies and big brands, capitalizing on the AOL craze with affiliate marketing and putting companies advertising online.

I've managed online advertising programs for large companies, launched hundreds of products for big brands and have generated over $4 Billion for these businesses.

I now focus mainly on helping smaller through mid-tier clients succeed.Frankly, it's more fun, more interesting, and success is more appreciated.

I work at an agency supporting these clients right now and if you reach out to me, I can get you connected.

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Contact Me

I'm passionate about what I do and would love to connect.

If you have a product, service or course and would like me to help you, I'd love to talk! If you have a network you would like me to join, please leave me the details for applying and I'd love to get involved!

If you have a business of any size and want to expand your reach, generate leads, or own your market online, I want to help! I'd love to hear about the new products you may be launching and talk about promotions. The best way to contact me is via email as my schedule is often blocked out and I don't typically pick up the phone while i'm producing content, talking to clients, or out creating videos for clients.

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