13 BUSINESS VIDEO TYPES That will drive prospects away from your competition.

13 BUSINESS VIDEO TYPES That will drive prospects away from your competition.


  1. If you are a marketing manager, training professional, or business owner and you need to make a video, and you want to explore video types, then this video is for you.


Are you planning to make a video for your business? Simply stated, you need a video that satisfies your business need. Refer to the lucky 13 business video types below to aid you during your planning process. 


The first and most important one. The Authority Video. 

This video sets the tone for your company by delivering the WHY you and your company do what you do. It separates you from your competition and serves as your 24/7 tour guide or salesperson. This is a hybrid of interview and descriptive images about your company and drives action for prospects. 


Vlog (video blog) – Merriam-Webster says that a written blog consists of personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks along with photos by the author; published regularly it features content on a specific topic. A vlog, or video blog is not as clearly defined as our pal Merriam-Webster simply call it a blog with video content. We are in the age of definition of this video product.

For business video, a vlog is a daily, weekly, or monthly video product that features a vlogger talking directly to camera about a specific topic. It should be fast-paced with quick cuts. It can be fun, but the focus should be on providing helpful ideas for the audience. Like a blog, there are usually references to sources of information either in the video or the description below.


Testimonial – Testimonials are video reviews. Everyone loves reviews. Our internet based society provides us with consumer feedback like no other time in human history. As a persuasive tool, a testimonial provides a trust collateral to aid future customers in deciding to answer your call to action.

Usually, a video testimonial features a person being interviewed about their experience with the product or the company. “Testimonials overcome a prospect’s skepticism (“Who the heck are you? And why should I listen to you anyway?”) by helping them connect emotionally to other people who’ve used and liked your products,” .


Capabilities – Every company with a web presence should have a capabilities video. In a few minutes, a viewer can get the complete story on your company or product. It is a journalistic jewel as it answers the 6Ws (who, what, where, when, why, how) considered basic in information gathering or problem solving.


Safety – Video is a great behavior modeling tool, especially when one-on-one instruction is impossible due to factors like geography or budget. By showing your employees or visitors how to safely perform a task, you are demonstrating skills in a consistent manner. As a learning object in a training plan, a safety video can quickly and consistently teach proper techniques that will lead to a safer workplace. 


How-to – One of the greatest uses of video is the ability to show someone how-to do something through a series of step-by-step instructions. Behavior modeling is a powerful teaching tool. Modeling in the form of video can be even better than the real-life interaction. Yes there are thousands of videos that can teach you how to do everything from makeup to appliance repair. I know I’ve tackled plenty of household repairs with my phone propped up nearby.


Putting this tool to work for your business gives your learners guidance at a pace that he or she controls. Being able to pause the instruction, rewind, or advance through steps, the viewer has complete control of the learning situation. And, you have control over the message at every stage of the lesson since the video is the same every time it plays.


Recruitment – Like the testimonial, recruitment videos give potential employees a glimpse inside the physical and emotional space of the company. By hearing directly from current employees, prospects get a glimpse of what life could be like after they accept the job offer.


Executive charge – One of the best ways to legitimize a new training initiative or provide confidence in a company wide program is to create a video where the CEO or similar leader speaks directly to the audience.


Marketing – This is a message aimed at promoting or selling a business, product, service, or idea. These can be short little attention grabbers that call on the viewer to take action, or they can be longer form “infomercial” style pieces that educate the consumer towards a call to action.


Fundraising – A video aimed at moving the audience to donate money to support a cause. Core messaging includes using techniques like appealing to emotion, outlining a problem, and personal relatability. Using branded, compelling imagery that is simple to understand along with showing people proof that their money will make a difference will result in a successful fundraising video (15 Techniques).


Live event coverage  – Growth in this video type is immense with the emergence of live video options on Facebook and YouTube. Either broadcast or packaged after the event, this video showcases what it was like to be there in the audience. Perfect for on-demand training for customers that could not attend the live event. 


Interactive Simulation – One of the 5 powers of video, a simulation shows the viewer how something works. In an interactive video, you can manipulate time and physics to show the view how or why something works. Video also affords us the fascination of seeing things in super-close-up so that we can understand. Built into an eLearning platform, interactive video affords the learner control over their own development.


Explainer – Live action or animated motion graphics that effectively explain a business, product or service in 2-minutes or less (10 Best Explainer Videos) The explainer video is great for creating awareness or educating the viewer about a complex topic. By using animation and imagery along with a narrator, the explainer is unparalleled as an instructional tool.


Hopefully, I have provided you with a list that will help prepare you to make a business video. Did I miss a type of video that is valuable to you? Want to know more about one of the video productions above? Reach out! I love feedback; it helps me grow.