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Hi! I’m Erik Cocks

A money-making marketer

Hire me and grow

  • I lead companies big & small to become more profitable.
  • I use strategy and analytics to implement marketing plans that fit your business goals and budget.
  • I specialize in online but also love video, printed material and even apps and trade shows.
  • I feel that marketing is married to sales and marketing is part of the revenue-generation arm of companies.
  • I love both building and optimizing teams with a positive coaching style that maximizes success.

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PPC Expertise

Immediate results. Campaigns that work. Metrics-driven implementation.

New Business

Earn the customers you really want. New business strategies drive better, not just more leads!


Creative Leadership

I’ll take your brand look to the next level. Whether it’s managing a team or rolling up my sleeves!

Marketing Strategy

Great strategy drives your business goals while laying out thoughtful tactics and timelines!

Team Building

I’ve built departments from scratch and managed large teams, both in-house and remote!

Social Engagement

Just posting to social media doesn’t build a business like actually engaging prospects does!

Make Your Marketing a Priority.

I certainly will.

Erik Cocks Increases Profits

I’ll create marketing campaigns that work to help you grow and earn more money. I uses analytics to develop thoughtful campaigns that focus on the highest returns.

Erik Cocks Boosts Your Brand

Your brand is the complete customer experience. Go beyond new logos, brochures, and websites with me. I’ve got the brand experience to tell your story.

Erik Cocks Drives More Sales

Sales and leads are two different things. I focus on getting the types of customers you really want versus just having people raise their hands.

Hire Erik Cocks and stop worrying about growth and how you look to the world!

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